Ispahani Tea

The year 1964 holds a special place in our hearts for it in this year, we entered the business of Tea, the same coming through a strange quirk of fate vide disposal of a few chests of tea forcibly bought at Calcutta Tea Market during Iqbal Husain’s personal visit. This led to the establishment of Ispahani Tea Shoppe, which encountered a few initial hiccups, slowly grew up, getting better by the day and as on now ranks among the finest tea flavour in the market. It was a sort of miracle since we knew nothing about the product, we learnt, improved upon our knowledge about the product and soon mastered the finer points of the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of the product.

We feel proud to say that our tea has become a virtual household name in the city and far beyond wherever Hyderabadis reside. So popular it has become that we can say it has become a brand in itself.

The popularity of our tea product, a unique mix of Assam and Niligiri tea flavours, was best reflected on April 12, 1998, when an exclusive outlet was set up for sale of tea alone. Ours was hailed as the best quality tea possessing a unique style with different varieties and was branded under the concept of “Taste-N-Buy”, wherein, one can taste a cup of his/her own selected variety and buy as much as the need be. 40 years on, it still exists, a rage among city residents, so much that Hyderabadis take it as their companion to Middle East, United States of America, United Kingdom and many other countries. And wherever Hyderabadis moved in the world, with it came the now famous clarion call “Jo piye ek baar… Peena chahe baar……. Baar….”